February 2013 | Rebecca Rego Barry

A Preview of the California Book Fair, Part I

Well, it's that time of year in the antiquarian book world -- California is hopping with book fairs. Let's take a look at some of the highlights you can expect to see.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 9.14.35 AM.pngThe award-winning catalogues of UK bookseller Simon Beattie are always filled with intriguing and eclectic books--what he calls "The books you never knew you wanted." Such is the case with this miniature Qur'an, published in Glasgow c. 1900. Yes, it is the size of a nickel, but it comes in its original metal locket with a magnifying glass set into the lid. The price is $1,800. Simon will be showing this tiny treasure (and a booth full of other incredible books, full list: http://www.simonbeattie.co.uk/catalogues/simon_beattie_california_book_fair_2013.pdf) at the 46th CA International Antiquarian Book Fair in San Francisco, Feb. 15-17.

John Howell-origleaf.jpgJohn Howell's first stop is the Santa Monica fair this weekend and then he travels north to the fair in San Francisco. What he's proud to be carrying with him is this limited edition fine press book, Specimen Pages of Korean Moveable Types, by Melvin P. McGovern, 1966. This is the first study of Korean movable types, and it contains 22 specimens of movable type dated from 1420 to 1858. Shown here is an original leaf. The price is $3,250. John's full Santa Monica fair list is here: http://www.johnhowellforbooks.com/home/santa%20monica%20fair.pdf

Schubertiade-Dylan Hendrix Album 1.jpgSchubertiade Music & Arts is bringing this ultra-rare signed Bob Dylan album, "Bringing It All Back Home," signed on the cover "I dig it too. Jimi Hendrix." The album is together with a published account from the original owner for whom this was signed in 1967, musician and author CP Lee. The price is $8,500. Will Schubertiade find a crossover vinyl/book collector in San Francisco? Collectors with music on their minds can view the bookseller's full fair list here: http://www.schubertiademusic.com/sanfran

eureka-book-sf.jpgScott Brown of Eureka Books (the former editor of this magazine) will also be exhibiting in San Francisco. One of his favorite offerings is this photo album that includes 116 photographs of pioneering dog breeder and sled dog racer Scotty Allan and his famous dogs, c. 1918. Allan won several All-Alaska Sweepstakes (the precursor to the Iditarod). The album is neatly captioned in white ink by Margueritte Helen Adams, Allan's niece. The price is $6,000.

More CA book fair previews here on Monday. Stay tuned!