Book Arts

More than 1,000 white diamonds have been set into the custom fine binding of a first edition of Breakfast at Tiffany’s signed by Truman Capote which h
In an initiative championed by Her Majesty The Queen, 20 tiny manuscripts have been penned and decorated by hand by leading writers and illustrators to establish a modern-day miniature library
There's one week left to enjoy the free St. Pancras International Christmas tree in the heart of the bustling London station.
Artist Sammy Seung-min Lee draws inspiration from her Korean heritage and the culture’s traditional hanji paper.
Durham University is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the printing of William Shakespe
One of Dublin’s biggest celebations, the Bram Stoker Festival is back with more than 50,000 people expected to enjoy activities across the cit
When the Folger Theatre begins performances of The Winter’s Tale on November 4, ticket holders will be greeted by Anke Neumann’s ethereal and symbolic 15-foot-t
The Folio Society has 10 titles shortlisted across five different categories for the British Book Design and Production Awards alongside a number of other
This is a guest post by Beth Kephart, author of My Life in Paper: Adventures in Ephemera (Temple University Press, o
With poems by Adeena Karasick and visualization by Warren Lehrer, publishers