Rare Books

The Capital Rare Book Fair will bring more than 35 antiquarian booksellers from across the country to the historic University Club in Washington, DC, from May 3 to May 5.
Christie’s will present Valuable Books in the History of Astronomy from the Collection of Jay M.
The Discovery of America catalogue of works will be offered for sale at the
Christie’s has announced its bi-annual Spring sale of Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds including Rugs and Carpets will be held at Christie’s London head
The volume’s first owner, French physician and bibliophile Dr.
Type Punch Matrix will feature more than two dozen items from the life and career of
At the Mountains of Madness, written on the back of letters and other paraphenalia by H. P.
The National Trust’s annual insect pests report has found that Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina), which feed on books, paper and cotton, retained top sp
It’s not easy for us to explain to non-collectors why we’re attracted to books.