News | February 20, 2023

Stephen Hawking Autograph Sells for $18,813

RR Auction

The vintage circa 1983 felt tip signature "Stephen Hawking" by the English theoretical physicist.

A Stephen Hawking autograph has sold for $18,813, according to Boston-based RR Auction.

Accompanied by a transmittal letter signed by his wife, Jane Hawking, dated October 15, 1983, it reads in part: "Thank you for your courteous letter of 29 September requesting my husband's autograph. After many slow and painful attempts my husband has managed to produce a signature for you. I enclose it herewith."

In 1963, at age 21, Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease that gradually, over decades, paralyzed him. Although some physicians expected his life to be short, he died at 76 after living for more than 50 years with ALS. He published many articles and several books on theoretical physics and the Big Bang theory.

"Stephen Hawking transcended his disability to become one of the greatest scientific minds of the 21st century," said Bobby Livingston, "signed material from this period of his life is incredibly rare.”

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