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A rare paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Philosoph
A Stephen Hawking autograph has sold for $18,813, according to Boston-based RR Auction.
New York — Bonhams' 10 Exceptional Works of Science sale, available online from July 20 - 27, will celebrate maj
Boston — RR Auction's May's Fine Autograph and Artifact sale brings nearly 1,000 unique items to the auction block, including a stunning handwritten musical manuscript by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Boston — RR Auction's inaugural Science & Technology auction chronicles innovation across the ages: from the Wright Brothers' first flight to Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon; the d
London – Open for bidding from today until 16 July, Eureka! is a journey through t
Boston — A Stephen Hawking signed letter on the hunt for gravitational waves and the birth of his daughter will be auctioned by Boston-based RR Auction.
Christie’s auction On the Shoulders of Giants is now open for bidding until 8 November.
London - A brilliant mind whose discoveries have shaped our understanding of the universe,