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Highlights from Langdon Manor Books’ latest catalogue African Americana.
The original drawing by E.H. Shepard which brings AA Milne’s 1926 book Winnie-the-Pooh to a close…
Current Events & Trends December 2, 2022
A new film about the Blavatnik Honresfield Library that was saved for the nation last year will be shown as part of a special event at the British Library in London.
Current Events & Trends December 1, 2022
For more than a decade, Fine Books has produced a holiday gift guide for bibliophiles. All year long, we bookmark unique items that come to our attention, and then, when the season arrives, we share the list of our favorite things. Here are the top ten for 2022: 
Book Reviews November 30, 2022
As book historian David Pearson points out in this excellent compendium, Speaking Volumes: Books with Histories, we all agree that books are A Good Thing, the real issue he wants to address is why they matter and what they can teach us beyond their texts.
Current Events & Trends November 30, 2022
Artist, composer, and writer Tom Phillips, who died on November 28 in London, worked in many creative disciplines. He is perhaps best known to readers of Fine Books for his book illustrations and in particular his cult classic A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel, a work he described as his “…
Current Events & Trends November 28, 2022
Here are the sales I'll be watching this week: At ALDE on Tuesday, November 29, Reliures Originales & Livres Illustrés Modernes, in 267 lots. Among the expected top lots is Stéphane Mallarmé's Poésies (1932), illustrated by Matisse and estimated at €22,000–30,000.
Current Events & Trends November 25, 2022
Highlights from Lawbook Exchange’s latest catalogue of recently acquired rare books and manuscripts in law and related fields including:
Bright Young Librarians November 23, 2022
Our Bright Young Librarians series continues today with Sarah Finn of Milwaukee Public Library: What is your role at your institution?
Book Reviews November 22, 2022
The Cambridge Elements: Publishing and Book Culture series published by Cambridge University Press is building up to be an impressive catalogue of mini classics. Offering academic quality research written in a happily comprehensible style, they cover a wide range of topics of interest to Fine Books…
Current Events & Trends November 18, 2022
A new catalogue of rare books on chess from Bernard Quaritch features one of their own previous catalogues on the subject dating back to 1929, including many books on the history and theory of the game collected by J. W. Rimington-Wilson, and maintained and added to by his son R. H. Rimington-…