Lovecraft Manuscript Goes to Auction

Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

You read that right, Lovecraft fans! Coming to auction on October 14 is a 16-leaf autographed manuscript of H. P. Lovecraft’s short story, “Pickman’s Model.” The story was published in the October 1927 issue of Weird Tales

As an added bonus, the entire manuscript is written on the verso of typed correspondence with Lovecraft's colleagues, including James F. Morton, August Derleth, W. Paul Cook, and Victor E. Bacon. (The author tended to reuse old letters this way.) It is likely a later draft, according to Heritage Auctions, dating to sometime in 1926 and closely matching the typescript with final edits held in Brown University Library’s Lovecraft collection.

Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

Currently bid to $5,500 and expected to go much higher, the manuscript comes from the private collection of the late Gary Munson, a dedicated collector of genre fiction. Other highlights include a nicely bound first edition of Frankenstein, the first appearance of Tarzan, and a first edition (in dust jacket) of The Hobbit.

“Offerings from Mr. Munson’s collection will appeal to a broad range of genre and literature collectors looking to add premium pieces to their collection,” said James Gannon, director of rare books at Heritage Auctions. “The iconic nature of many titles will be coveted by high-spot collectors looking for pride of place pieces.”

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Courtesy of Open Book Chocolates

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