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Dallas, TX – An important collection from Peter Beard and a selection from Leonard Freed’s Black in White America photo essay, as well as powerful images from renowned photographers ranging from Ansel Adams to Ruth Bernhard, will make Heritage Auctions’ Oct. 6 Photographs Auction its most comprehensive yet.

The auction

Dallas, TX – Frank Frazetta’s The Princess of Mars, one of the most identifiable and influential pieces of the artist's storied career, sold Thursday for $1.2 million. It was a remarkable and thrilling kick-off

Dallas, TX – Action Comics No. 7, published in December 1938, is noteworthy for a few reasons, chief among them it marked only the second time Superman appeared on a comic book cover. This was the issue that launched Superman’s bow as Action’s main attraction, per the orders of Detective Comics publisher Harry Donenfeld. That alone makes it a treasured milestone; that alone lands it

Dallas, TX – Heritage Auctions is proud to partner with The Hero Initiative to offer The Batman 100 Project, which features more than 100 original Dark Knight covers drawn by some of the comics industry’s best and best-known names. The sale of these one-of-a-kind pieces, which adorn blank-covered

Dallas, TX – There has never been anything like The Q-Collection Comic Book Preservation Project. And it’s reasonably safe to say there will never be anything like it ever again.

This is not the hyperbole of a media release

Dallas, TX – Sixteen years ago, Heritage Auctions sold a highly graded copy of Chamber of Chills No. 19 for $126.50 – in retrospect, an outright steal. In July of this year, the very same title, bearing a far lesser grade, realized $6,070.80 during Heritage’s summer Comics & Comics Art event. And in 2018, a far better copy of the 1953 book sold for almost twice that amount.

Dallas, TX – In 1970, Frank Frazetta painted two versions of the cover for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars.

One he sent to the publishing house Doubleday, whose hardback version of the 1912 story – featuring the debuts of Confederate soldier John Carter and Martian princess Dejah Thoris – has become one of the most recognizable and influential covers in publishing

For a collector and seller of children’s books, it makes sense that a passion for juvenile literature

Dallas, TX – The Invisible Man made his presence known during Heritage Auctions’ Movie Posters event held July 25-26, with a scarcely seen teaser for the 1933 horror classic scaring up $228,000 to help lead the weekend’s sale past the $2.3 million mark.

The weekend’s auction was a blockbuster event, with

Dallas – It was meant to be Joseph Christian Leyendecker’s final cover for The Saturday Evening Post – the illustrator’s iconic New Year’s Baby, dressed only in a diaper and a soldier’s garrison cap, thumbing