Events | April 2, 2015

ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs on UNESCO World Book Day, April 23

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From Sydney to Tokyo to Cape T own, from Moscow, London and all the major European capitals to New York, Washington, Chicago and the Pacific Northwest of the United States ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs, organized by the world’s expert antiquarian booksellers, will appear on 23 April, 2015.

WHERE? In a woolshed in the Australian bush, at central stations, on boats, in museums, libraries, streets, private clubs, cocktail clubs, brew pubs, on roof terraces, at the top of skyscrapers. On UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day ILAB booksellers will bring rare books to the people in the most unexpected places!

HOW? Like a Mexican wave starting the day in Australia and, as the sun goes, finishing the day in the United States, scores of rare book dealers will be organizing Pop Up Fairs - a mixture between bookish flash mob and speed dating for booklovers, lasting only a few hours at unusual, but busy locations where passers-by will discover a stunning selection of rare books, prints, manuscripts and ephemera to promote the trade of old and rare books and to support the UNESCO literacy projects in Africa.

WHY? Reading is a gift, reading is a fundamental human right! “The power of books to advance individual fulfilment and to create social change is unequalled”, says Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. Year by year on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day booklovers worldwide celebrate the power of the book. For the first time in 2015, the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) and its affiliates will be a part of it! Each ILAB Pop Up Book Fair will feature a large poster of an “empty bookcase”, symbolic book spines will be “sold” with the money from each going directly to UNESCO’s South Sudan Project. A donation of 3 US $ will send one book to a child in South Sudan, 15 US $ purchase a set of 12 school books for a classroom, and 500 US $ provide 45 school book collections for a rural community in Africa.

BOOKS CHANGE LIVES! Come and join us on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April 2015! Enjoy the bibliophile treasures at the ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs worldwide, get in contact with the ILAB booksellers and help us filling as many “empty bookcases” with symbolic book spines as possible to support literacy and to fulfill the human right to read all across the world!



AUSTRALIA - SYDNEY: State Library of New South Wales: Shakespeare's First Folio lends drama to the first ILAB Pop Up Book Fair on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day.

AUSTRALIA - DUNKELD and HAMILTON: Of books and sheep: Australian booksellers pop up down under at The Mount Sturgeon Woolshed/The Royal Mail Hotel and Hamilton Public Library.

JAPAN - TOKYO: Five minutes away from the famous Ginza: a big step into the world of rare books. Meet the Japanese antiquarian booksellers at the World Antiquarian Book Plaza.

SOUTH AFRICA - CAPE TOWN: A charity auction to support literacy in South Sudan: how Clarke’s Africana Rare Books & AntiquarianAuctions celebrate UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day 2015.

RUSSIA - MOSCOW: Free Appraisal Day at the Moscow State University of the Printing Arts: bring your books, maps, prints and autographs and learn about their value!

ITALY - MILAN and LUCCA: Starting with the 3rd Milan International Antiquarian Book Fair on 27 March and ending with ILAB Pop Up Fairs in Milan and Lucca on 23 April, Italian booksellers will be raising money for UNESCO, not only on one day, but non-stop on within four weeks!

SWITZERLAND - ZURICH: The city of banks and books, where Thomas Mann bought his favourite cigars and the avant-garde artists met in the famous Cabaret Voltaire. An ILAB Pop Up Fair at August Laube Rare Books.

AUSTRIA - VIENNA: On top of Vienna - ILAB President Norbert Donhofer invites booklovers to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on the terrace of his new office. Bring flowers and buy symbolic books to fight illiteracy!

AUSTRIA - VIENNA: The new Literature Museum - the perfect location for an ILAB Pop Up Fair to admire rare books from the history of Austria, presented by Austria’s leading booksellers.

HUNGARY - BUDAPEST: One of the most difficult languages ever is spoken in one of the most beautiful book capitals on the globe. Support literacy, enjoy an exclusive Don Quixote exhibition and have a chat with the Hungarian booksellers at Institute Cervantes!

GERMANY - MUNICH: Where business men and women have been meeting for cocktails since Goethe’s death in 1832, antiquarian booksellers will welcome you at the Kaufmanns Casino with books, music, drinks and finger food.

GERMANY - K?NIGSTEIN: Only 15 minutes by car from Frankfurt: an ILAB Pop Up Soirée at Reiss & Sohn, one of Germany’s most important book auction houses.

NETHERLANDS - GRONINGEN: The Power of literacy! Antiquarian booksellers create a unique Pop Up Book Street in Folkingestraat on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2015!

NETHERLANDS - AMSTERDAM: Who said rare books and water don't mix? Dutch dealers hold a floating Pop Up Fair on a barge which will be proudly flying the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day colours.

NETHERLANDS - HAARLEM: Take the train to Haarlem on 23 April, 2015 and find rare books displayed at an ILAB Pop Up Fair in Haarlem central station!

BELGIUM - ANTWERP: Books across the borders. ILAB dealers don’t let national boundaries stand in the way of supporting literacy: two Dutch booksellers, one trading in the Netherlands and the other in Belgium, pop up at Antwerp's Bibliotheek Permeke.

DENMARK - COPENHAGEN: Antiquarian booksellers will pop up in the foyers of the Copenhagen libraries!

SWEDEN - LUND: The city of bikes and books: an ILAB Pop Up Fair dedicated exclusively to pop- up books at Akarps Antikvariat!

UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON: Where lawyers and politicians meet for lunch and celebrate weddings: British booksellers show their best at Middle Temple Library!

UNITED STATES - NEW YORK: The city that never sleeps brings UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day back to the streets: the New York rare book dealers will pop up at busy places downtown Manhattan.

UNITED STATES - NEW CASTLE: New Castle’s old Opera House in Delaware, built by the Masons in 1879, is representative of an America that many don’t know exists - and the perfect location for three famous American rare book dealers to pop up on 23 April 2015!

UNITED STATES - WASHINGTON: Next stop Washington DC, where Allan Stypeck, owner of Second Story Books on Dupont Circle, hosts an ILAB Pop Up Fair that will display rare books in abundance.

UNITED STATES - CHICAGO: An ILAB Pop Up overlooking Lake Michigan from the windows of the elegant skyscraper premises of the Cliff Dwellers Club, where Frank Lloyd Wright had drinks with Carl Sandburg.

UNITED STATES - SEATTLE: The gateway to the Klondike gold rush, the city where Jimi Hendrix was born and Ray Charles played his first piano lines. Is there a better place to show cool books on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day?

UNITED STATES - PORTLAND: Bridge City, Beer City, BOOK City: a brew pub in Portland, Oregon, hosts the final ILAB Pop Up Fair on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2015!


For 24 hours, from Australia to the Pacific Northwest, these and many more worldwide events will pop up one after the other to show that there is nothing more powerful than BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! Take an atlas, go to Google Maps and look for an ILAB Pop Up Book Fair near you!


ILAB will follow up all events worldwide on 23 April in a 24-hours live-report on the ILAB website. Visit us on and take part virtually in the ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. Follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook! We’ll see you there!

THE INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLERS (ILAB) is the umbrella organization of the professional rare book trade uniting 22 national associations and around 2000 rare book dealers in 34 countries worldwide.