Beautiful Marbled Papers

Jemma Lewis.jpgThe art of paper marbling is not lost to Jemma Lewis, a young professional marbler based in rural Wiltshire, UK. Her small family business (her father assists) opened in April of 2009, after she spent eight months in specialized training following a seven-year apprenticeship at local bookbinders, Chivers-Period. Previously Lewis had studied textiles, but at Chivers, she said, "I became interested in antique books and the beautiful marbled papers that bookbinders used as endpapers."

Lewis provides her wares to bookbinders, publishers, artists, interior designers, fashion designers, and furniture restorers. Her website showcases more than fifty hand-marbled papers in traditional designs, such as the one seen below. She also offers bespoke designs for specific projects and a matching service in which she reproduces historic designs for repair work.

gallery50-large.jpgHer specialty "one-off" art marbled papers, like the one seen here called "Meadow," are amazing. They can be used for bookbinding, of course, or they can be framed as is. She has a Flickr page showing some of her other designs.

speciality-paper.jpgAll images courtesy of Jemma Lewis Marbling & Design.