Quaritch is now offering The Little Holland House Album … with an Introduction & Notes by John Christian, published for the
I entered the autograph field in 1985, a complete novice. The lay of the land was much different than it is today.
In 1985 my wife bought me a check signed by Orville Wright. I had no idea there was a market for autographs like that, and I was excited and began to look into it.
I bade farewell to the Captain today, writes slang lexicographer and author Jonathon Green. Captain Francis Grose, militia officer, antiquarian and slang collector.
Napoleon was one of the best read leaders the world has ever seen.
Hard Case Crime will be published a lost novel by Rex Stout, "Seed on the Wind," in November.
"I was terribly saddened to learn of the death of John Dunning," writes
After working with New York bookseller Scott Cranin from Ivy Ridge Books for the last two years, Philadelphian businessman, bibliophile and Honora
When you hear the phrase “book collector” what image comes to mind?
The history of binding in leather dates back as far as the six century and, withstanding the digitalisation of the publishing industry, is a specialized trade that remains in demand today, writ