October 2011 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Schubertiade Music

Catalogue Review: Schubertiade Music, Fall 2011

Music collecting made a splash earlier this year when the Lehman collection of musical manuscripts went up for sale (for more on this, see our coverage in our fall issue). There are several dealers that focus on this area, Schubertiade of Allston, Massachusetts, is one with an impressive stock of music, dance, and opera material.

In Schubertiade's fall catalogue, you will find autograph musical quotations, albums, photographs, first editions, manuscripts, even portrait medals. From a striking mezzotint of Arcangelo Corelli ($600) to an ultra rare Jimi Hendrix-signed Bob Dylan album ($12,500), the names you will find within are as varied as the formats.

Some names appear a number of times. Josephine Baker, for example, is here in a beautiful piece of French sheet music from 1930 ($50), as well as a caricature drawing of her by Raoul Cabrol ($1200). Martha Graham is also well represented with several photographs, including a signed and dated print of the one perhaps best known to the world -- "Letter to the World" ($6,000).

Collectors should take note that there are a few non-musical items, so if music isn't your thing, it's still worth a peruse. There's a solid section of film photography, as well as a literature section featuring Twain and Dickens first editions and an Updike letter.

Music to your ears? The entire catalogue is here: https://www.schubertiademusic.com/lots/index/catalog:21