January 2017 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Rare Book Week West 2017

Three times a year, book collectors gather to attend major antiquarian book fairs in the U.S.--this year they will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in February, New York City in March, and Boston in November. To facilitate and encourage participation, Fine Books pulls together information about the book fairs, auctions, exhibitions, and more available to those who would like to join in the fun during each Rare Book Week.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.59.11 PM.pngWithout further ado, we present this year's edition of Rare Book Week West, which runs (roughly) February 5-12. Here you'll find information about the upcoming California International Antiquarian Book Fair, the CODEX book fair and symposium, a special PBA Galleries auction, and a dozen exhibitions and events (e.g., receptions, classes, open houses) of related bibliophilic interest, plus a few suggestions for "bookish browsing" while in the Bay Area. From the American Bookbinders Museum to the William Blake Gallery, whether your interest is in private press or Chinese book design or Alice in Wonderland, if you're headed to Cali for the book fair(s), be sure to check out our guide.