Auctions | October 2020 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Gorey Collection Comes to Market at Just the Right Time

Courtesy of Hindman Auctions

In many ways this feels like the perfect time to feature the brooding genius of Edward Gorey, and, as luck would have it, Hindman Auctions in Chicago is offering a substantial collection on November 13 that once belonged to Thomas J. Barrett. “He is a true Gorey enthusiast, and the books, prints, posters, and ephemera in his collection are fresh to market at auction,” said Gretchen Hause, director and senior specialist in books and manuscripts at Hindman. Here are some favorites:

Courtesy of Hindman Auctions

A signed first edition of Gorey’s first book, The Unstrung Harp (1953) kicks off the sale. Estimate: $150-250

As pictured above, there's a signed first edition The Gilded Bat (1966) with a killer cover/jacket design. Estimate: $200-300

And there's a signed first edition of The Beastly Baby by Ogdred Weary (1962). According to the auction house, “no signed copies of the this work have ever appeared on the market at auction.” Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Courtesy of Hindman Auctions

And, wow, the Edward Gorey-Samuel Beckett collaboration, Beginning to End (pictured; 1988), published by the Gotham Book Mart in 300 numbered copies signed by both. Estimate: $500-700

Perfect for today: The Sopping Thursday (1970), published by the Gotham Book Mart in an edition of 326 and signed by Gorey. Estimate: $300-400

Also timely: the signed, spiral-bound first edition of Dracula: A Toy Theatre (1979) reproduces the sets and costumes of the Broadway production of Dracula designed by Gorey. Estimate: $200-300

Courtesy of Hindman Auctions

The etchings on offer are rarer, and thus more expensive, particularly since everything in this collection appears to be signed. Bibliophile with Cats (1996) is iconic. Estimate: $800-1,200

The poster Gorey designed for the 1994 International Antiquarian Boston Book Fair, limited to 250 copies and signed, is insanely on theme for us. Estimate: $150-250

And we had a surreal moment seeing a 2014 issue of Fine Books among this group of periodicals with Gorey associations! Estimate: $100-200