Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey died in 2000, but twelve years later publishers are still working to release some of his unpublished work.  Gorey illustrated books for 50 years and his distinctive style - both whimsical and Gothic - has spawned an entire sub-genre of collecting: "Goreyana."  Three new (or re-printed) Gorey stories have arrived in bookshops this fall, just time to fill the Christmas stockings of Gorey collectors.
Abebooks has a cool feature up on their website displaying twenty-five of their favorite retro monster covers.  As a confirmed lover of pulp covers, I enjoyed browsing through the lurid illustrations and sensational titles.  It got me thinking about my own childhood and some of my favorite monster illustrations from children's books; in particular the ones that stuck in my head and crept back in the nighttime to haunt my dreams.