Book People | December 2011 | Rebecca Rego Barry

The Evolution and Education of a Collector

Back in October, the Florida Bibliophile Society was pleased to have scholar and writer Maureen E. Mulvihill give a lecture, at the University of Tampa Library, called "The Evolution and Education of a Collector (1980s-): The Mulvihill Collection of Rare and Special Books and Images." She spoke of 'Ephelia' (Mary Villiers Stuart, Duchess of Richmond), Mary Tighe, Mary Leadbeater, Anne Finch, Katherine Philips, Aphra Behn, Lucy Hutchinson, Anna Maria Van Schurman, and others in her collection. A two-table display of her selected books, prints, and ephemera were available for viewing as well (see an image below, taken by Florida collector and blogger, Jerry Morris). Mulvihill's principal interest is Irish and English women writers, mostly pre-1800.


A feature containing excerpts and photos from the presentation is available from The Newsletter of the Florida Bibliophile Society.