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Florida — The FABS Study Tour of the Tampa Bay area April 22-26, 2020 is now open to all booklovers to sign up and enjoy. Tour participants will be given free one-year membership in the Florida Bibliophile Society. Membership in a FABS sister club is not required.
If you want to take a mini Florida vacation in addition to the Tour, the Hotel Indigo has extended its discount

Averybook.jpgThe famous Schoenberg Collection of Pre-Modern Manuscripts, a 2011
first+caldecott.pngComing up this weekend is the
Back in October, the Florida Bibliophile Society was pleased to have scholar and writer Maureen E. Mulvihill give a lecture, at the University of Tampa Library, called "The Evolution and Education of a Collector (1980s-): The Mulvihill Collection of Rare and Special Books and Images." She spoke of 'Ephelia' (Mary Villiers Stuart, Duchess of Richmond), Mary Tighe, Mary Leadbeater, Anne Finch,
For our Florida colleagues on the Sarasota-Tampa-St Petersburg network:

The Florida Bibliophile Society hosts a guest lecture by one of our longstanding associates:

"The Mulvihill Collection of Rare & Special Books and Prints:
The Evolution & Education of a Collector"
With a display table of selected rarities.

Venue: University of Tampa,
Jerry Morris, a collector with the Florida Bibliophile Society and longtime blogger at My Sentimental Library, launched today a new blog called Biblio-Connecting. As he writes in the first entry: "that's what this piece is