News | October 10, 2023

Complete Set of Constitution Signers and Handwritten Dylan Thomas Manuscript to Auction

RR Auction

Constitution of the United States Complete Set of Signers (40) with Founding Fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison

Leading RR Auction's 900-lot October Fine Autographs and Artifacts sale is a complete set of autographs from all 40 signers of the American Constitution, including prominent founding fathers such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton.

The collection includes manuscript material from all 40 signers, encompassing a variety of formats, from letters to documents and even paper currency. A standout piece is a three-language ship's passport signed by President George Washington, and an autograph letter signed by the Secretary to the Constitutional Convention, William Jackson, who witnessed the Constitution's final edits.

Other auction highlights include:

* Mark Twain: An attractive vintage photographic print of Samuel Langhorne Clemens in a handsome half-length pose, circa 1904, signed neatly by 'Mark Twain'. This piece sheds light on Twain's relationship with his Secretary, Isabel Lyon, and the subsequent fallout

* Dylan Thomas: A handwritten manuscript for a note published in his Collected Poems 1934-1952, where Thomas reflects on the purpose of his poetry, emphasizing his love for humanity and praise for God

Dylan Thomas Handwritten Manuscript for Note Published in Collected Poems 1934-1952
RR Auction

Dylan Thomas Handwritten Manuscript for Note Published in Collected Poems 1934-1952

Henry Miller (4) Autograph Manuscripts Signed on Friends and Influences
RR Auction

Henry Miller, autograph manuscripts signed on friends and influences

Charles Lindbergh Handwritten New York Times Manuscript on Advances in Aviation
RR Auction

Charles Lindbergh handwritten New York Times manuscript on advances in aviation

Samuel Clemens Partial Autograph Manuscript Signed for '1,002nd Arabian Night,' completed during the same summer as Huckleberry Finn
RR Auction

Samuel Clemens, partial autograph manuscript signed for 1,002nd Arabian Night completed during the same summer as Huckleberry Finn

* Henry Miller: A unique archive of four published manuscripts, each signed by Henry Miller, which delve into character studies of individuals from his personal life

* Charles Lindbergh: A handwritten draft of a New York Times article penned by Charles Lindbergh in 1929, discussing the advances in aviation and the limitless possibilities of powered flight 

Additional highlights from the auction which ends October 11 include significant letters by Sigmund Freud, Alexander Graham Bell, Oliver Cromwell, and Harry Houdini. The collection also features signatures of the Beatles, Geronimo, and Martin Luther King, Jr.