Auctions | April 29, 2020

Collection of Clipped Presidential and Historical Autographs to be Auctioned

Courtesy of Nate D. Sanders Auctions

Los Angeles – A lot featuring 15 presidents and historical figures, including two autographs by Abraham Lincoln, will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on April 30, 2020. Also being offered at auction are two rare George Washington free frank signatures.  

The lot features: (1-2) two Lincoln signatures, each signed ''Abraham Lincoln'' measuring 6'' x 1.25'' and 4'' x 1.'' (3-5) three signatures by James Madison, each signed ''James Madison,'' measuring 5'' x 2.5'', 5'' x 2'' and 4.75'' x 1.25.'' (6-7) two signatures by James Monroe, each signed ''James Monroe,’’ measuring 5.75'' x 3'' and 5'' x 1.'' (8) Andrew Jackson signature signed ''Andrew Jackson,’’ measuring 6'' x 1.375.'' (9) Martin Van Buren signature signed ''M Van Buren,’’ measuring 5'' x 2.'' (10-11) two signatures by Ulysses S. Grant, each signed ''U.S. Grant,’’ measuring 4'' x 2.5'' and 5'' x 1.5.'' (12-13) two signatures by James Polk, each signed ''James K. Polk,’’ measuring 5.25'' x 2'' and 4.25'' x 1.5.'' (14) Signature by Vice President John Calhoun, signed here ''J.C. Calhoun'' as Secretary of War under James Monroe. Measures 4.625'' x 2.'' (15) Signature by William L. Marcy, signed ''W.L. Marcy'' as Secretary of War under James Polk, measuring 3.5'' x 1.25.'' Bidding for the lot begins at $7,500.

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George Washington Free Frank Signatures Both George Washington free frank signatures were signed during the Revolutionary War. The earliest one was addressed to Brigadier General Alexander McDougall on September 24, 1777 during Washington's Philadelphia campaign during the Revolutionary War, two days before the British captured Philadelphia. The later document was addressed to Major General Alexander McDougall at West Point, New York. The document is undated, but it was sometime after 1780 when McDougall commanded the Army at West Point after Benedict Arnold's defection. Both Washington documents start at $7,000.