Auctions | April 27, 2022

Catawiki Holds Exclusive Occult Science Book Auction

Courtesy of Catawiki

An early seventeenth-century edition of Amphiteatrum Aeternae Providentiae Divino-Magicum is on offer at Catawiki.

Amsterdam – Following the success of several Occult Science book auctions, Catawiki has decided to gather together some more exclusive books on the same subject.

Beginning with a copy of Amphiteatrum Aeternae Providentiae Divino-Magicum the auction is offering a wide variety of items including magic, hermeticism, mysticism and pseudo-philosophy.  The items range from a 1588 copy of volume I of  Jacob Spenger - Malleus maleficarum through to a lovely copy of the hermetic work of  Tobias Schütz[en] - Harmonia Macrocosmi cum Microcosmo.

The auction is online, closing Saturday 30 April 2022 at 18:01 UTC and will be visible at the following link:

Marc Harrison, category manager Books, Manuscripts & Cartography at Catawiki: “Definitely a ‘do not miss’ auction for anyone with an interest in the Esoteric, with a variety of quality works.”

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