Amsterdam — With a particular focus on American artists and photographers, this auction offers artists from a wide variety of countries. These include Richard Hamilton (GB), Maurizo Cattelan (Italy), Tacita Dean (GB), Rodney Graham (CAN), Kippenberger (Germany).

Amsterdam — Thank goodness he adopted a pen name, as Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto is quite a mouthful. We now have two Pablo Neruda auctions live for bids: “Pablo Neruda: Essential Works” and “

Amsterdam — This weekend, Catawiki launched a selection of high value lots across the platform. This has been called the “Exclusive Selection”  Readers can find the full range of items in this collection by entering #exclusiveselection into the search box. This will offer viewers several hundred items, in every category that Catawiki offers.

Amsterdam — There are old Bibles, and there are beautiful Bibles. In their newest auction theme, Catawiki have found a clutch of Bibles that fit into both categories. With the oldest work having been printed in 1493, and the newest mid 19th century, there is a wide variety of dates and expected prices.

Amsterdam — Each year in the Catawiki books team, there is an anxious wait to see who will be presented with the Nobel Prize for Literature. We all have our favourite authors, and are keen to see them win. It is second only to Eurovision! This year, the winner will be announced on October 8th at the Svenska Akademien in Stockholm.

We know that many of our buyers and sellers are also

Amsterdam — Catawiki is pleased to announce its latest Exclusive Art & Photography book auction. The highlight of this exciting collection is a limited edition copy of Poèmes de Charles d'Orléans by Henri Matisse which has a gift inscription and illustration by Matisse. Already a beautiful book, printed entirely in lithography, this copy was a gift to his neighbor in Vence, the

Amsterdam — The first book was printed in Italy in 1465, only ten years after the Gutenberg Bible. It is natural then, that there are many fine, early volumes available from Italy. As Fine Books & Collections readers will be aware, an Incunabula is a book, broadside or pamphlet printed before 1501. For many collectors, these are the pinnacle of their collections, being the

Amsterdam — Maps show the knowledge of the geography of a place at a given time, and Henricus Hondius’ America noviter delineata (1631) displays an unusual East Coast of North America, packed full of place names, including Chesdpiooc (

Amsterdam — The Dutch have always been known for beautiful flowers, and particularly for their tulips. Indeed, the Tulip Craze is often cited alongside the South Sea Bubble as one of the more interesting economic collapses of the modern age. This wonderful book contains 52 (of 53 - it appears that one was never bound in) beautiful engraved and professionally coloured illustrations of Dutch

Amsterdam — Catawiki is proud to present a lovely copy of the world view of Ortelius, from his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The piece has a nice contemporary colouring and minimal wear. Ortelius, who hailed from Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands, was one of the founders of Dutch cartography. His Orbis Terrarum, or “Theatre of the World” is recognised as the first true