The British Library's Cool Cats

The British Library recently opened an exhibition with super meow-power: Cats on the Page, on view through March 17, presents an array of books, manuscripts, and artwork that features felines. 

"Cats have inspired our imagination and creativity for many years--long before their days of dominance on the internet," Alison Bailey, lead curator of the exhibition, commented in a press release. "By bringing cats we know and love together with new ones from unexpected sources, Cats on the Page showcases the light-hearted side of the British Library's world-class collections through a selection of just some of the hundreds of paws prowling the pages of its books and manuscripts."

cat book cover
The British Library Board

The Pretty Playful Tortoise Shell Cat, London, 1817 (c) The British Library Board

cat poster
The British Library Board

Tabby Polka by P- Bucalossi, 1865

The British Library Board Jellicle Cats illustration

Pussy's Breakfast Time, London, Ernest Nister, 1892