April 2015 | Rebecca Rego Barry

The $6.5-Million Gospel Book in NYC

Les Enluminures Liesborn copy.jpgDuring Rare Book Week in New York City, you can see many treasures on exhibit and for purchase. One of the oldest among them--if not the oldest--is the Liesborn Gospel Book, a tenth-century parchment manuscript in a fifteenth-century wood-carved binding. Les Enluminures, a gallery on 73rd Street, presents the Ottonian manuscript within the larger Idda Collection of sixteen early biblical manuscripts.

In 1945, the Liesborn Gospel was described as "one of the most valuable manuscripts of the gospels in private hands." It has been privately held since then, and the last time it was on the market was 1987. Said dealer Sandra Hindman in a video produced by TEFAF, "In 23 years, I think this is the most unique and extraordinary manuscript that I've brought to the fair. Maybe one of the most unique I've ever owned." The price is $6.5 million.

An opening reception for the Idda Collection will be held tonight at Les Enluminures from 6-9 p.m. After that, the exhibition will be up and available for viewing Tuesday-Saturday until May 2.

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Image: Courtesy of Les Enluminures.