Spring 2020

Fine Books Profile

David M. Rubenstein

An exclusive interview with the billionaire book collector and philanthropist about his patriotic collecting philosophy

By Eve M. Kahn

The Collections Behind the Collections

Five libraries "hidden" in NYC museums

By Angela Serratore

Rare Book Week NYC

Our guide to the book fairs, auctions & exhibitions in NYC, March 4-11

Auction Guide

A preview of spring auctions

Gently Mad

In Pursuit of Papyrus

Revisiting the scrolls buried by Vesuvius


Inside the Dobkin Family Collection of Feminism

book Collecting Earth Day

art Painting Slaughterhouse-Five

object Mudlarking the Thames


Building a Bibliosphere

Takeaways from the CODEX Effect Symposium

In View

New (Photo) Journalism

Danny Lyon's Bikeriders and beyond

Beyond the Basics

A Foliosity of Firsts

Taking the broad view of "firsts"

Fine Maps

Whitewashing the Map

How cartography advanced women's suffrage

In the Library

Renaissance RE-Invention

Examining the Nova Reperta


Tigers, Dragons, and a Raven

A roundup of first editions, manuscripts, maps, and fine art

On the Block

Military Might

Targeting Lord Cottesloe's books

How I Got Started

Little Women

Collector Cathlin M. Davis