Syracuse Showcases Special Collections

From one alma mater to another (see yesterday's post about Drew U. and one of my previous posts about Syracuse to decode that phrase)...Syracuse University's Bird Library released this week a slide-show of neat documents and objects in its Special Collections Research Center.  A corresponding article previews a bold new video project, spouts impressive library stats, and offers a list of Bird's top five "Coolest Pieces": No. 1 -- The cameras and equipment of famed photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White. No. 2 -- Malcolm X's letter from Mecca to Alex Haley, co-author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. No. 3 -- Miklós Rózsa's Academy Award for his Ben-Hur musical score. No. 4 -- Edison cylinders in the Belfer Audio Archives, which include some of the earliest music recordings. No. 5 -- The papers and publications of Hugo Gernsback, the "father of science fiction."