Auctions | January 16, 2024

Roman Roy’s Funeral Eulogy Tops Succession Manuscript Ephemera

Heritage Auctions

One of Kieran Culkin's Roman Roy funeral speech cards

Costumes and props from HBO's Succession television series made a total of $627,825 at Heritage Auction's dedicated auction, led by Roman Roy’s eulogy that went undelivered at his father Logan’s funeral in the series’ penultimate episode, Church and State.

The eulogy was written across three pink notecards, a fourth was left blank, and was eventually sold for $25,000.

Another undelivered speech - Kendall’s prepared statement from Season Two’s finale This Is Not for Tears in which he was to take the fall for the cruise line scandal until he turned on Logan - made $18,750. The lot included two copies of the statement, including the one he tore up after walking off stage while his father seethed on the family yacht.

Separately, the statement Shiv delivered to the media upon Logan’s death in the Season Four episode Connor’s Wedding went for $17,500, while Connor’s deadpan-hilarious handwritten speech for Lester McClintock delivered during Season Two’s Safe Room (“I am here as a fellow human to acknowledge that Lester has, as we know, passed on”) realized $10,625.

One of the most significant props from Season One - the New York magazine cover featuring the entire Roy family accompanied by the headline 'The Crack-Up: The Roys and the Fracturing of America - sold for $10,000.