September 2014 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Rare Wizard of Oz Script & Painting Coming to Auction

This year marks the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz film, which means the time is right for buyers and sellers who focus on related memorabilia, such as autographs, scripts, storyboards and concept art, and costumes. Profiles in History is offering these three very special Wizard pieces at a 4-day auction event in Los Angeles, October 17-20.

WoO-Script copy.jpgAn original, 113-page, studio-bound script dated October 10, 1938. According to the catalogue, this version of the script "includes important revisions by writer Edgar Allan Woolf, the visionary who changed the famous slippers from silver to ruby, inserted the dream sequence, and is responsible for the fantasy aspects of the film--all elements not in the L. Frank Baum novel." It is estimated to sell for $12,000-15,000.

Painting.pngAn original matte painting from the film depicts the woods at the foot of the Wicked Witch's castle. Executed in colored pencil, gouache, and chalk on black artist board, the image is "attributable to the scene when our heroic quartet ambushes the 'Winkie Guards' to steal their uniforms and gain access to the castle." The estimate is $8,000-12,000.

Press Book.pngA complete press book with original herald, published by MGM in 1939. The cover features bold window card art, and the book is illustrated with production details, plot synopsis, cast list, sheet music, etc. and includes a record of all the movie tie-in advertisements. Its estimate is $5,000-7,000.