The Most Coveted Out-of-print Books

Yesterday, issued its annual report on books that are "out-of-print and in demand," i.e. the top one hundred old books that remain popular among book buyers.

Unsurprisingly, Madonna's 1992 book, Sex, topped the charts once again. Stephen King (as himself and as Richard Bachman) and Nora Roberts are the other leaders. Thereafter follows quite an eclectic group of authors/books who are apparently "sought after:" Lynne Cheney's 1981 novel, Sisters, which the author refuses to reprint (she also denies that it contains lesbian content) is #15; Marie Simmons' Pancakes A to Z, a 1997 cookbook, is #71; and Edward Matunas' Practical Gunsmithing is #59. (Strangely the latter is not the only gunsmithing title on the list; James Virgil Howe's The Modern Gunsmith is #78.)

One of the questions this list evokes is why some of these titles are out-of-print. Cameron Crowe's Fast Times at Ridgemont High (#11) would be awesome re-issued. Surely a reprint of Cecil Beaton's The Glass of Fashion (#52) would be heartily embraced by a certain milieu. Johnny Cash's Man in Black (#7) was in Bookfinder's top ten last year, too. The 1983 Zondervan edition of Man in Black shown on's page says "More Than 700,000 Copies in Print." Where the heck are they all?! Bookfinder's report makes it clear that the market wants more.

Bookfinder has issued this annual report for ten years. See the whole list here: