Michael Suarez Audio Lecture

Available now on the Bridwell Library site is an audio recording (crystal clear) of Michael Suarez's lecture, "The Codex, the Digital Image, and the Problems of Presence." As Daniel J. Slive, head of special collections at Bridwell, wrote in an email today, "Originally delivered on October 28, 2010 at Southern Methodist University, the lecture considered how digital surrogates are changing the ways we think about books and what the implications of these changes might be. In turn, the lecture asked how books and bibliographical reflection might usefully change the ways we think about 'books' delivered to us as digital images. Insights from art history, philosophy, and anthropology were adduced to enrich our thinking about this timely subject."

Three other lectures are also available, including Mark Dimunation's "Forged in Fire" from last April. Happy Listening!