December 2009 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Library Hotel

There are thousands of hotels in New York, but perhaps none so lovely for bibliophiles as the Library Hotel.


Filled with books, with a decidedly upscale club atmosphere, the Library Hotel actually uses the Dewey Decimal System to organize its guestrooms. So if you're a fan of geology, take the deluxe room on the fifth floor (math and science in the 500s, as a public librarian would tell you). Lover of law books? Take the 300.006 (junior suite in the social sciences). A mystery enthusiast? You'll be in a junior suite on the eighth floor, at 800.006. The Fairy Tales room (pictured below) will be right next door, at 800.005.

Each of the sixty available rooms has been stocked with a collection of art and books relevant to the topic. There are also several reading rooms, dens, and lounges, such as this reading room and writers den:


Now this dream destination for bookish visitors to New York City has a special offer--the Private Club Sale--for those planning to visit this winter. A promotional email states that the hotel is offering rates as low as $201 per night, with a two-night minimum if you book (pun intended) by January 7th.

p.s. See the comment below--to take advantage of this offer online, you must use this link.