History of the Book, Completed

Last month, the University of North Carolina press released A History of the Book in America, volume 2, which was actually the last in a series of 5 (published out of order). Volume 2, edited by Robert A. Gross and Mary Kelley, covers the 1790-1840 era, and contains essays by James N. Green, E. Jennifer Monaghan, and Scott E. Caspar, among others. The topics include the rise of book publishing in the new republic, journeyman printers, membership libraries, school books, women and early print culture, periodicals and newspapers, novels, travel books, literacy, and literary colonization. What an amazing resource to have on hand, particularly if you're lucky enough to have all five volumes on your shelf.

In association with the American Antiquarian Society's program in the history of the book, this scholarly series was a project more than a decade in the making. Back in April, the AAS celebrated the completion of the series with a ceremony at the Library of Congress, which is now available online.