May 2016 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Collectors Café

Recently we heard about the newly launched Collectors Café, branded as a "global lifestyle brand for collectors and the collectibles industry." Through its website, social media, and a TV series hosted by Larry King, his wife Shawn, and Mykalai Kontilai, Collectors Café is trying to appeal to a mass audience of collectors.

The Collectors Café website (still in Beta) contains a collector shop offering a selection of collectibles, all sold with "Authentiguard" consumer protection. Though not yet fully operational, it appears that the website will also anchor "CollectorBook" (like Facebook for collectors) and "Collectortube" (Youtube for collectors). Until then, Collectors Café has uploaded a handful of videos to its Youtube channel. Some are longer interviews between Larry King and a celebrity collector while others are two-minute programs designed for the nonspecialist on topics ranging from Superbowl rings to Elvis memorabilia to Teddy bears. Earlier this week, they even got into the rare book game by posting about first editions and "The Hobbit." See for yourself: