September 2013 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Charlotte Bronte Letter Sells for $37,500

BronteSigEnd.jpgAt an Edinburgh auction last week, an autographed letter signed from Charlotte Bronte to Liverpool pharmacist David Waldie, thanking him both for his praise of her novel, Jane Eyre, and a gift of some "little books," doubled its estimate, reaching £24,000 ($37,500).

In the letter, dated January 19th, 1853, Bronte wrote: The sincere affection of a reader's gratification is - I scarcely need to say - one of the much acceptable favours in which an author can be repaid for his labours. I shall be glad if any future work of mine gives you equal pleasure to that you speak of having found in "Jane Eyre".

Cathy Marsden, book specialist at the auction house, Lyon & Turnbull, said, "We had huge interest in the letter, particularly from all the press coverage we have had and it seems to have caught the public's imagination."

Image via Lyon & Turnbull.