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Botanical Art, Travel, Americana & Africana at Auction April 16-23 is an online auction site dedicated to the sale of rare and out-of print books, maps & prints, documents, letters, ephemera and vintage photography.

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Lot 2
Reichenbachia. Orchids Illustrated and Described

F Sander & Co. Orchid growers and importers, St Albans, 1888, 1890, 1892, 1894

125-year-old bound set of life-size orchid paintings. Altogether 192 orchid species
are reproduced by chromolithography from original paintings by Henry G Moon with
434 pages of accompanying descriptive text (in English, French and German) and line drawings.

The reproductions remain pristine - vivid and sharp. The four elephant folio volumes measure a gigantic 678 mm x 510 mm (21.5 inches by 16 inches) and weigh a total
of 25 kg.
Provenance: The set has been in the private collection of a Johannesburg botanical artist for some 45 years.

Estimate: $15,000/25,000

Lot 142
Opera. [The Greek Editio Princeps]
Published by Hieronymus Froben & Nicolaus Episcopius, Basel, 1544
First Greek Edition, Folio
The first edition of classical Jewish historian Josephus' works in their original Greek, 
taken from the manuscripts of the Spanish ambassador to Venice, Diego Hurtado Mendoza, and arranged and edited by Dutch humanist scholar Arnoldus Arlenius. 
Beautifully printed, with Froben's printer's mark of two crowned serpents entwining 
a caduceus on the title-page, this book is an excellent example of the quality of typography and scholarship which was so dynamic in the 16th century.
Estimate: $4,000 

Lot 143  
THOMAS GAGE (c. 1603-1656): 
The English-American his Travail by Sea and Land: OR, A NEW SURVEY OF THE WEST-INDIA’S, …
Published by R. Cotes, sold by Humphrey Blunden & Thomas Williams, London, 1648. 
First Edition, Folio.

First "book by an English writer - …- portraying daily life in Spanish America."
Astute detail on subjects such as the geography, diet, and the indigenous customs of Central America.
Estimate: $3,500 

Lot 13
A Voyage to Cochinchina in the Years 1792 & 1793

Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, London, 1806
First edition. 4to (270 x 215 mm)

Containing a General View of the Valuable Productions and the Political Importance of this Flourishing Kingdom; and also of such European Settlements as were visited on the Voyage: with Sketches of the Manners, Character, and Condition of their Several Inhabitants.
447 pages, 18 hand coloured aquatint  plates after by W. Alexander and Samuel Daniell, engraved by T. Medland, 1  folding hand coloured aquatint plate, 2 double page maps of Rio de Janeiro and  Southern Africa

Estimate: $3000/4000 

Lot 30 
57 photo negatives
German South-West Africa - World War I

Collection of 57 black & white photo negatives of South African forces in German South West Africa during World War I

Estimate: $2000   

Lot 20  
Captain Benjamin Stout: Narrative of the loss of the Ship Hercules.

Printed for J. Johnson, London, 1798. 
First edition. 8vo

A circumstantial detail of his travels through the southern deserts of Africa and the colonies, to The Cape of Good Hope. With an introductory address to The Rt. Honourable John Adams, President of the Continental Congress of America.

Estimate: $650/700

Lot 21  
Charles Peter Thunberg : Travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Performed between the years 1770 and 1779

Printed for F. and C. Rivington, London, 1795. 
2nd edition, 8vo (196 x 125 mm)

Estimate: $1250/1500

Lot 140 
Richard Pococke (1704-1765): Beschryving van het oosten, en van eenige andere landen...

Published by  G. T. en A. van Paddenburg, Utrecht, Rotterdam & Amsterdam, 1776. 
First Dutch Edition, 4to

First Dutch edition of Pococke's popular work first published in England as "A Description of the East".

Estimate: $3,500 

Lot 25 
Jean-Baptiste AMABLE RIGAUD (pseud. Charles de Ribelle, Celine d'Ornans):  
Voyages à travers le monde et l'industrie des nations.
Published by Amable Rigaud, Paris, no date (1863)
First Edition, 28 x 19 cm

SOUGHT AFTER copy with 16 coloured lithographed plates; the tinted lithographs 
being finely coloured by hand. 
Travel through the world and the industry of nations. 
The last section concerns Oceania and Australia. The chapters in the section on the Americas include sugar cane, cotton, Mexico, California, Panama, Araucania, Guayana, Brasil, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Patagonia. 
The scarce coloured version, the tinted lithographs being finely coloured by hand. 
Not in Ferguson. 
Extremely RARE.

Estimate: $500/600

Lot 150 - Charity Item 
Proceeds will be donated to UNESCO
ILAB World Book Day Initiative 2015

At Auction#42, Clarke’s Rare Books & Africana will sell a facsimile copy of S. Daniell’s: African Scenery and Animalsdonating the proceeds to UNESCO.
This is a facsimile reprint of the large folio of aquatint plates, first published in 1804-1805 with an introduction and notes by Frank Bradlow and signed by him.

Samuel Daniell arrived at the Cape on 9 December 1799. He was appointed by Lieutenant-General Dundas, who became his patron there, and to whom the first volume (part) is dedicated, to act as secretary to a mission to the 'Booshuanas'. The expedition eventually reached Lataku, at that time the limit of European exploration, and was the source for Daniell of the plates.' 
Daniell’s African Scenery and Animals is described as 'the scarcest and most valuable of the large atlas folios of South African illustrations.' (Mendelssohn, South African Bibliography)

Description: 30 colour plates, large folio (610 x 460 mm), half blue leather, marbled boards, a fine copy, Facsimile reprint. One of an edition limited to 550 copies, Cape Town, (1804-1805) 1976.                                                    

Estimate: $700 is an online auction site dedicated to the sale of rare and out-of print books, maps & prints, documents, letters, ephemera and vintage photography. 

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