BiblioCupid; or, Fools Rush In

Can people be romantically linked by the books they read? The Canada-based bookselling site,, thinks so. Today Abebooks launched BiblioCupid, a dating service that "uses a specially designed love algorithm" to match mates based on their shared literary tastes.

According to Abe's Richard Davies, a pilot project with 600 Misses (and Mssrs.) Lonelyhearts has been running for the past six months. "Ideal for lonesome librarians, avid readers who don't get out much, and bibliophiles devoted to their book collections," proclaims the website.

The results: Two couples already married! Yes, Mr. Defoe, a garbageman from Cleveland, hooked up with Ms. Spillane, a sausage factory accountant from Brooklyn. A Ms. Michener from Seattle found a book-loving partner in Mr. Blyton, a Los Angeles-based puppet designer.

If only Abe had thought to launch this program for Valentine's Day! But no, April Fool's Day seems much more appropriate...