Auctions | August 7, 2015

The American Civil Rights Collection of Chip Logan Featured at RR Auction


BOSTON, MA—(August 7, 15)—RR Auction is proud to present The American Civil Rights Collection of Chip Logan during an online auction in August.

Son of civil rights activists Marian Bruce Logan and Dr. Arthur Logan, Warren Arthur ‘Chip’ Logan grew up amongst some of the most powerful figures of the movement. Putting her career as a cabaret singer on hold, Marian dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the cause, becoming the only northern board member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ‘right arm’ in the New York area. Her importance to King takes center stage in this collection.

Beyond their connection to the Kings, the Logans were also close to several other prominent African-American leaders of the day, including Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel. When Chip was baptized—by none other than Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King—Rachel stood by his side as his godmother, while influential guests such as jazz composer Billy Strayhorn joined in prayer.

From the crucial 1963 March on Washington, to the inner workings of the SCLC, to an assortment of materials related to Jackie Robinson and his historic induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, this is a truly incredible collection that offers a seldom-seen behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of the most important events in American history.

While the autographic material is clearly scarce and sought-after, the printed and photographic material is also exceptionally desirable. Many of these pieces are one-of-a-kind or so limited that they exist only in private hands or restricted archives, making this a rare opportunity for collectors and institutions alike to obtain first-hand materials from the civil rights movement.

“It’s a time capsule into some of the most important moments in the civil rights movement that sparked a social consciousness, and had a profound effect on the legal and political institutions of the United States,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction.

Online bidding for The American Civil Rights Collection at RR Auction runs through Wednesday August 12 at 7PM. More details can be found online at