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Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Bibliothèque Hubert Heilbronn : Envois – Provenances – Reliures

Hubert Heilbronn has always been a bibliophile. He bought his first book  The Three Musketeers  in 1944 in a beautiful edition of the XIX th  century. He was 13 years old. He acquired his first “real book”,  Une saison en enfer , in the early 1960s. This copy has never left him, and since then many other books have joined him on the shelves.

Banker with numerous cultural and associative activities, in particular at the National Library of France, at the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte or at La Demeure Historique, Commander of the Legion of Honor and Commander of Arts and Letters, Hubert Heilbronn is also a member of the Société des Bibliophiles François which celebrated its bicentenary last year.

A great reader, he quite often rereads Proust and  La Chartreuse de Parme,  and never stops learning new poems which he recites to those around him.

With sensitivity, for more than 60 years and with the help of a few booksellers, Hubert Heilbronn has collected books with consignments, from beautiful origins (historical or literary), often "stuffed" with autograph letters or manuscripts, most of the time. covered with elegant bindings. Among them are those of his friend Jean de Gonet, who specially made a RIM mold for him on which his bookplate appears in the form of a schoolboy label.

Its library contains mostly books of XIX th  and XX th  centuries among which Proust, Stendhal, surreal occupy a prominent place. Or a set of books "as published" which gave rise to a presentation during a session of Bibliophiles françois.

“Among the books I am scattering is  Chateaubriand's Une vie de Rancé. I read and I reread it to  break with real things that is nothing, but to break with memories. Today, I break with real things, I keep the memories; I'm a collector who separates from beloved books,” he says of the sale.

So on May 11, Hubert Heilbronn is parting with selected books that will enrich other libraries.


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