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Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Explore our rich collection of French Impressionist prints.

Drawing on the Museum's rich collection of prints – from Manet to Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec to Cézanne – explore the flourishing Impressionist print movement of late 19th century France in this extraordinary free display.

Etchings and lithographs were eagerly collected by a burgeoning middle class from the 1860s,

Created as a 'space to sit and read and be', library of exile is an installation by British artist and writer, Edmund de Waal, housing more than 2,000 books in translation, written by exiled authors.

Unveiled to great acclaim during the Venice Biennale 2019, this porcelain-covered pavilion is intended as a place of contemplation and dialogue. 'It is about exile,' says de Waal, 'what it

The assassination of Thomas Becket, in Canterbury Cathedral, on 29 December 1170 changed the course of history.

Becket was one of the most powerful figures of his time, serving as royal Chancellor and later as Archbishop of Canterbury. Initially a close friend of King Henry II, the two men became engaged in a bitter dispute that culminated in Becket's shocking murder by knights with

Online Sale: The Partridge Fine Arts Research Library

The majority to be sold without reserve.

Partridge was established at the beginning of the 20th century with premises in London and later in New York. In 1929, the business was incorporated as 'Frank Partridge and Sons Limited' and soon had a host of well-known clients, among them the late Queen Mary, as well as major

The Birmingham Assay Office Library

Founded in 1773, thanks to the drive and persistence of local silversmith Matthew Boulton, the Birmingham Assay Office is responsible for assaying (testing) and the hallmarking of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) as required by the Hallmarking Act.

The Library is rich in books from the 16th to 19th century on metallurgy

Atwood, Ondaatje, Gallant, Davies. These names are familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in Canadian literature. But the writers are only one aspect of the CanLit story. As Graeme Gibson once remarked, the notion that writers function best in isolation is nonsense – rather, there is "strength in numbers." The writers, of course, are paramount, but the community includes so many

The medieval bishop and bibliophile Richard de Bury describes books as an "infinite treasure," for they, more than any other human contrivance, are able to preserve the knowledge and the wisdom, as well as the follies and the failures, of previous generations – "in books I find the dead as if they were alive." This exhibition aims to bring the medieval world to life by drawing on the many

Rare Books, Manuscripts, Maps & Photographs
Sale #589

Highlights include an excellent selection of atlases, featuring Jan Blaeu's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum sive Novus Atlas and Nicolas de Nicolay's La Navigation du Roy d'Ecosse; superb first editions; rare books on natural history including James Sowerby and James de Carle's The Mineral Conchology of Great Britain; and a

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