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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Making Our Nation: Constitutions and Related Documents.
Sold to Benefit the Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation. Part 1

The sale will focus on the foment that led to American Independence and Confederation and the writings that influenced the framers of the Constitution and those who fought for its ratification. These select lots will include official printings of the Stamp Act and other Parliamentary legislation that the colonists found “intolerable”; an early printing of the Articles of Confederation, the first, and highly ineffective, federal charter; the first book-form printing of the Declaration of Independence; an oath of allegiance to the United States (and of dis-allegiance to George III) signed at Valley Forge by Trench Tilghman, aide-de-camp to George Washington; a rare thick-paper copy of the first edition of The Federalist, which collected the pseudonymous essays written in support of ratification by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay; and the House of Representative draft of the Bill of Rights, which included seventeen amendments.

Numerous state constitutions are represented as well, notably those of Pennsylvania (1776), New York (1777), and Massachusetts (1780), all of which preceded the national Constitution. And the sale will offer as well a myriad of later regional and other printings of the United States Constitution in pamphlet and broadsheet format. There are even two editions of the Constitution printed for the use of the Congress that are signed by successive Presidents: Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce.


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