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“By choosing to use ‘choreograph,’ drawing with space, as a noun, I am noting its similarity to ‘photograph,’ drawing with light.” — James Welling

James Welling’s recent body of work integrates several strands of his artistic exploration over the past forty years. Each Choreograph is a large inkjet print combining images of dance,

Museum closed temporarily until further notice

We have the sky always before us, therefore we do not recognise how beautiful it is. It is very rare to see anybody go into raptures over the wonders of the sky, yet of all that goes on in the whole world there is nothing to approach it for variety, beauty, grandeur, and serenity.

—H. P. Robinson, The Elements of a Pictorial

Ralston Crawford’s art underwent a dramatic evolution in the 1940s influenced by aviation—from his personal experiences in flight, to his exposure to the construction of airplanes and the destruction they wrought in the war.

Crawford served in the Weather Division of the Army Air Force and continued working as an artist through the War—receiving a commission to paint the Curtiss-Wright

Nantucket Book Festival will showcases products like Book fairs, library services, educational resources, nonfiction, fiction, and picture books to interactive books and audiobooks & much more, etc.

Thu, June 18th 10:00am to Sun, June 21st 5:00pm

Nantucket, MA

"Precedents So Scrawl'd and Blurr'd" is the latest in a series of exhibitions that examine law books as physical artifacts, and the relationships between their forms and content. 

Books are the lawyer's tools and the law student's laboratory, and nothing brings this home better than the marks that they leave in their books. Over 30 such annotated and inscribed books from the Lillian

Magovsky Collection of Childrens Books
Sale #1659


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Freeman's Auctions
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WWII Library of John Elliott

Over 600 Books - Many Signed, Medals, Artwork, Militaria & More !


Over & Above Online Auction and Estate Sales, LLC
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K2 Online Sale: Hebrew & Judaic Books & Manuscripts

Auction includes books relating to:

American-Judaica, Anglo-Judaica,
16th-19th century Sifrei Kodesh, Chassidism, Kabbalah, Antisemitica & Holocaust, Bible, Christian Hebraism, Children’s Literature, Ladino, Travel,
Jewish Art, Land of Israel & Zionism, Liturgy, 
Passover Hagadot, France,

Sale #229

The last two centuries have spawned some of history’s greatest innovators, creators, pioneers, icons and movements. Sometimes groundbreaking, sometimes revolutionary, often times controversial, but always with an impact that is undeniable and culture changing. Names and events that remain ever present despite the length of time that has passed since they first made

Fine Books and Manuscripts

Our first book auction of 2020 is set to highlight several strong sections that will include an array of Sherlockiana, fine bindings, modern first editions, and illustrated works. High spots will also include fine art prints of the present day signed by artists Joan Miró and Keith Haring, a limited-edition elephant folio of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Elihu