Monday, July 27th, 2020 - Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Laura Meseguer Hosts Four-Day Online Stencil Type Design Workshop with Letterform Archive

Stencil Type Design has been proven as a great way to explain and practice the principles underlying the design of typefaces.

Award-Winning International Graphic & Type Designer from Spain
Marks the Archive’s First Class Taught Internationally

All Summer Programming – including one-on-one instruction – offered online

In this four day online intensive workshop, Laura Meseguer will offer 10 participants the possibility of creating the main characters of an alphabet constructed with a limited amount of elements. Participants will design typographic characters to compose a word, a message or a logo, that will serve later, to cut out stencils in a resistant material to be painted or printed. 

“We’re excited that we can host our in-person workshops online, allowing us to reach our community of designers beyond the SF Bay Area,” said Grendl Löfkvist, Type West Education Director. “And a bonus for our activist participants: Laura’s method gives you the skills to quickly make protest posters powerful enough to bring down the regime!”

Thu, July 27th: 10am – 1pm PDT / 1pm – 4pm EST
Fri, July 28th: 10am – 1pm PDT / 1pm– 4pm EST
Sat, July 29th: 10am – 1pm PDT / 1pm – 4pm EST
Sun, July 20th: 10am – 1pm PDT / 1pm – 4pm EST

$360: Class size is limited to 10 participants to provide individual attention to each student and 1:1 communication between the instructor and the students.
(Registration is required for the private Zoom link and password.)

Letterform Archive
1001 Mariposa Street #307

San Francisco, CA

37.7637686, -122.3940382

ONLINE Stencilmania: Understanding Type Design as a Tool for Graphic Designers with Laura Meseguer.