Artists are frequently inspired by the past and aim to make work which speaks to future audiences, subsequent generations. Tandem processes of introspective questioning and retrospective storytelling often come together in the artist book format—giving reader and creator the opportunity for personal reflection. Artists books tell us stories by using narrative, structure, materials.


Revered for its velvety matte surface and neutral palette, the platinum process, introduced in 1873, helped establish photography as a fine art. The process was championed by prominent photographers until platinum was embargoed during World War I, but it attracted renewed interest during the mid-twentieth century from a relatively small but dedicated community of practitioners. This exhibition

Welcome to the 53rd California International Antiquarian Book Fair in Pasadena California! In 2020, we are excited to feature Women's Suffrage in the United States with special exhibits and panels. We’re also hosting a celebration of the science fiction and fantasy writer Ray Bradbury and continuing our support for the California Young Book Collector's Prize. We look forward to seeing you at

The Los Angeles Fine Print Fair (LAFPF) , now in its 33rd year, is the longest-running fair focused exclusively on original Fine Art Prints. Visitors can browse works for sale from Dürer to Rauschenberg to exciting young print artists in their prime. Most dealers are members of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) and all are vetted experts in their fields.

The fair

Featuring: Antiquarian & Rare Books on All Subjects, First Editions, Maps & Exploration, Posters, Childrens Books, Illustrations & Art, Antique & Modern Prints, Vintage Photographs, Gastronomy, Autographs, Postcards, Ephemera, Manuscrips & Typography, Modern Literature, California & The West, Scince Fiction, Artist's Books

Fri 10am - 7pm
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Can you judge a book by its cover? 19th century publishers vied to catch your eye–and your wallet–with glittering gold and vividly colored bindings. Mass-production made beautifully designed books widely available. New technologies stamped elaborate, multi-colored designs on book covers. 

Designs reflected the tastes of the time: Victorian, art nouveau, art deco, and arts and crafts.

Fine Literature - Fine Press - Fine Bindings
Sale #693

Section I: Fine Literature and Fine Bindings, Lots 1-203

Section II: Fine Press, Lots 204-351

Section III: Additional lots sold without reserve, following Lot 351 – See the online version of the catalogue at www.pbagalleries.com

Over 400 lots of fine literature and poetry. Section One comprises a

Early medieval legends reported that one of the three kings who paid homage to the newborn Christ Child in Bethlehem was from Africa. But it would be nearly one thousand years before artists began representing Balthazar, the youngest of the magi, as a Black African. This exhibition explores the juxtaposition of a seemingly positive image with the painful histories of Afro-European contact,

Fine Literature - Bukowski & the Beats
Sale #689

Over 450 lots of fine literature and poetry. Section One comprises a varied selection of literature, featuring a large selection of the works of California poet Robin Jeffers, including signed and inscribed copies of some of his major works. Also present is an impressive selection of signed and inscribed works by

Comic & Illustration Art: The Property of a Distinguished American Collector

Over 200 lots of iconic original artwork from the biggest names and brightest talents in the field. Including Bernie Wrightson's magnum opus, the wraparound cover to the 1983 Marvel edition of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein, as well as work by Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, R. Crumb,