9 Anytime Gifts for Bibliophiles

If, like us, you have missed the annual Fine Books gift guide, pine no longer. Our editorial staff has put together a short list of bookish items sure to win over any book lover.
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Courtesy of E. M. Corsa

Painted Pages

Artist E. M. Corsa reuses old book pages as her canvas. “By adding a touch of ink and some paint I hope to bring the past into the present so they can once again be enjoyed in a new format,” she says. Featured earlier this year in Victoria magazine, Corsa’s work tends toward colorfully rendered birds, flowers, and natural landscapes set against nineteenth-century poetry. Unique and pretty. $49 and up


Courtesy of Signals

DIY Mini Bookstore

Curate your own physical bookshop without a major investment: this dollhouse-sized DIY kit includes mini books, bookshelves, shelf labels, prints and paintings, cabinets, a high-backed reading chair, a stepladder, a tiny table, a vase of flowers, and working lights (two 3V batteries not included). According to the company, it takes about twenty hours to assemble, and when finished, measures about 7" wide by 9" high by 7-½" deep. If all goes well, it could be a delightful addition to one’s shelves. $39.95


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Thoreau’s Maple or Frost’s Birch

American Heritage Trees is a Tennessee-based nonprofit nursery started by Tom and Phyllis Hunter that is dedicated to preserving and growing trees with historic lineage. For the literary-minded, they have paired some of these heirloom trees with American authors, e.g., a red maple sapling from Walden Woods, a pecan tree from the property where Alex Haley grew up, or a bur oak from the caves around Hannibal, Missouri, where Mark Twain presumably spelunked. A ‘literary tree’ is an unusual gift to be sure, but one that keeps on giving. $60 and up


Courtesy of Thatch and Clover


Over on Etsy, Thatch and Clover is selling super cute custom miniature book earrings. Pick a favorite title, author, even a specific edition of a work, and if an image can be sourced, they can turn your selection into some very special jewelry. Measuring ½" wide by ¾" tall, each ‘book’ is constructed of paper and card stock, with your choice of gold-tone or silver-tone metal hardware. $14.95


Courtesy of Book Historia

Book Supports & Snakes

It used to be surprisingly difficult to find high-quality, nevermind handsome, book supports to cradle rare volumes while perusing or showcasing them, but not anymore! Here we have a wedge-shaped pillow and a weighted book snake, fashionably handmade by Allie Alvis, aka Book Historia, aka rare book cataloguer at Type Punch Matrix, in various shades of color-fast cotton or polyester. (The marbled fabric is quite lovely.) Both items secure fragile volumes in the way recommended by book conservators. $50-60/pillow. $11/snake


Courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press

Bookstore Puzzle

If our collective newfound love of puzzles hasn’t abated, here’s one that is perfect for a long winter’s night: “In the Bookstore,” set up like an actual bookstore with sections for science fiction, travel, and young adult, among other genres. Not only will the 1,000 pieces keep a reader busy, there are literary references to spot throughout. $16.95


Courtesy of Shire Post Mint

Tolkien Collector Coins

Fans of The Lord of the Rings will undoubtedly appreciate this licensed set of ‘antiqued’ coins from Shire Post Mint. Made to look like the change that circulates in Middle Earth, these brass, copper, and iron coins are made in the U.S. using traditional minting techniques and featuring the artwork of Greg Franck-Weiby and Tom Maringer. Variant sets and single coins available, as well. $40


FB&C Merch

Protect your Fine Books & Collections. Leatherette slipcases are a perfect way to organize your magazines. V-notched for easy access, the cases are burgundy with gold foil lettering on the spines. Each slipcase holds eight issues (two years) of Fine Books & Collections. $22.95


It’s a more colorful holiday this year with Fine Books hats in more colors. Choose from white hat with red embroidery; red hat with white lettering; light gray, red lettering; navy with light blue, plus other options. Hat is adjustable with a metal belt-buckle closure. $16.95