December 2009 | Jonathan Shipley

Welcome to Early Modern Paleography


Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library continues to impress book lovers online. The library already has several blogs and podcasts, including African American Studies, Dr. Johnson's Dictionary and Early Modern at the Beinecke. Their latest effort is Early Modern Paleography.

Starting in January, drawing from the Osborn Collection, they'll post photographs every day from an early modern British manuscript. Each week will focus on a particular manuscript or type of manuscript. The manuscripts will range from inventories to poetry, diaries to account ledgers.

The new blog exclaims, "Early Modern Paleography is intended as a celebration of the fascinations-and perplexities-inherent in the study of early modern manuscript culture." Be sure to bookmark it and make a resolution to come back to it time and time again in 2010.

Pictured Above: English commonplace book, early 17th century. Beinecke Library call number: Osborn b234

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