Video Fridays: Woodcuts at Linda Hall Library

Courtesy of the Linda Hall Library

Woodcut from Erhard Ratdolt’s Poeticon Astronomicon… (Venice, 1482).

Today’s featured video is part of the “Paper Cuts” series of short presentations hosted by Jason W. Dean, vice president for special collections, and Dr. Jamie Cumby, assistant curator of rare books and manuscripts, at Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri. In this episode, they talk about the first method for printing images in books—woodcuts—and focus on six books from the Linda Hall Library collection, including Erhard Ratdolt’s Poeticon Astronomicon (1482).

Incidentally, both Dean and Cumby were profiled in our Bright Young Librarians series: Dean in 2014 (when he was at the University of Arkansas) and Cumby in 2020.