January 2015 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Typographer's "Love" Stamp Issued

The United States Postal Service unveiled its "Forever Hearts" stamp last week at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. Setting it apart for special notice from bibliophiles is the fact that it was designed by Jessica Hische, whose work we most recently profiled in an article about the Penguin Drop Caps series of decoratively bound hardcover reprints of classic works of literature. Hische is a young illustrator and letterer who regularly creates illustrations for magazines, books, and advertising.     

588504-L0.jpgThe latest in the "Love" series, which dates back to 1973, "Forever Hearts" features a filigree-like heart in which the word "Forever" is ornately spelled. Hische designed the drawing by hand and finished it digitally. She had previously worked on the 2012 and 2013 "Love" stamps with designer Louise Fili.

Dare we say it's the perfect complement for the love letter you plan to send to your bookish valentine?

Image via USPS.