Twilight, Revisited

As a follow up to my January blog about the lost papers of Montague Summers, in which Gerard O' Sullivan told me they were looking for a home for the newly discovered papers, readers will find a recent blog post from Lux Mentis Booksellers very interesting. A snippet:

There is more than hope, there is certainty. I have been exploring and cataloguing the archives of Montague Summers, thought to be lost in the 1950s. Father Sewell wrote an interesting article in 1970 in The Antigonish Review about the loss of the collection and what might be contained within it. Having rediscovered its location, scholar Gerald O'Sullivan wrote a new article in The Antigonish, The Manuscripts of Montague Summers, Revisited. He and I had been following each other on Twitter for some time and one thing led to another and the archive is now with  me.