January 2015 | Barbara Basbanes Richter

Resolutions for the Francophile

What's your resolution for 2015? For those who aspire to learn a new language, don't be tempted to shell out cash for one of those audio-language programs just yet, especially if you've set your sights on French.  TV5 Monde is a global French television network available in over 200 countries and maintains a robust web presence by streaming news programs, documentaries, art shows, cooking shows, sports and films. An entire rubric on the site is dedicated to la langue française, with resources and interactive activities for students.  Self-motivated learners at all levels will find plenty of opportunities to improve their reading and speaking abilities while simultaneously learning about French culture.
Detail of a portrait of Charles Perrault by Ph...

Detail of a portrait of Charles Perrault by Philippe Lallemand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you've resolved to brush up on your knowledge of French literature, TV5 offers la bibliothèque numérique or digital library, where over two hundred classic books, in all genres, with material spanning seven centuries are available to download, gratis. There's the Roman de Reart, which appeared in the early thirteenth century, and work by Moliere, Charles Perrault, George Sand, and Victor Hugo. Author guides and a handy dictionary for unfamiliar mots make this a valuable, free resource for making those resolutions stick. Bonne année 2015, et Bonne lecture!