News | December 8, 2022

Rare Books Specialist "B" Dry Goods Opens in Brooklyn

"B" Dry Goods

Gabe Boyers inside his new "B" Dry Goods gallery

"B" Dry Goods is opening in Crown Heights in Brooklyn on December 9. The gallery will offer an unmatched mix of art, design, rare books, manuscripts, music and ephemera. "B" Dry Goods deals in both the primary and secondary art markets, selling works by the masters of the past and contemporary works by mature artists.

Founded by Gabriel Boyers, "B" Dry Goods is his latest endeavor, and he is most known for Schubertiade Music & Arts, one of the country’s most widely recognized and respected dealers of rare books and manuscripts.

The name and location of "B" Dry Goods traces back to the business owned and operated by Boyers's great-grandfather Meyer Bussell ("B") at the corner of nearby St. John's Place and Troy Avenue. He opened his modest department store in 1920 and worked there most days, selling dry goods from stationery to pantyhose, until his death in 1969. Likewise, Gabe's grandfather worked in the store until it closed that year, as did his father. The opening of "B" Dry Goods on Franklin Ave represents the 4th generation of the family operating in the neighborhood.

The gallery's first exhibition will open December 9, and is called 'The Masks We Wear', acknowledging some of what we have all been through during these intervening two and half years of COVID, while also addressing a deep history of wearing masks for reasons other than protection from dangers and threats.