April 2010 | Rebecca Rego Barry

The Private Library on our blog

Well, it looks like Chris beat me to the punch in her post earlier today. But her praise of L.D. Mitchell's The Private Library blog is spot on. Aside from the blog posts, the PL site itself is a stunning collection of bibliophile resources. So much reliable information in one place! Only a librarian could do it. One of my favorite things about the PL blog--which I've been reading daily for six months now--is that Mr. Mitchell doesn't chase news or trends. He picks a topic or a genre--e.g., arabic literature, travel and the private library, collectible paperbacks, today it was three-deckers--and provides a solid, well-researched, illustrated introduction. It's a great service to those who are new to the book-collecting world.

Here's the good news: The Private Librarian (if I may call him that) will be guest blogging for FB&C every Sunday, beginning this Sunday, May 1. We're hoping that some cross-pollination will occur between our readerships and that we can foster more feedback among our readers. Yes, readers, we like to hear from you! Please join me in welcoming our esteemed guest.